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Get Organized | Print Your Own Desk Calendars!

January 18, 2016

It's a new year and it's been a long while since I posted here. So to make up for the time I've been lazy :D, I thought of getting organized by printing my own desk calendar. And hey, I'll share it with you!

I did print out a desk calendar last year and I hung it by the bedroom door so I can see it every time I leave or enter the room. When we moved to my in-laws', the door opens straight to an open area so I pinned the calendar below the light button where it is easy to see. The calendar has nice boxes where I can jot down important events and other stuff to remember.  I just clipped all the pages together with a coloured binder clip and hung it!

This year, I found a nicer calendar at Pinterest and I liked it because it has a space for notes and the design is just classy!

Photo grabbed from Today's Creative Life.
I just love the simple yet elegant design of this calendar :)

I am starting new journeys this year as a makeup artist and events planner and I thought of printing another set to use as my at-a-glance-now-I-have-an-idea-of-how-my-day-will-go calendar. I am thinking of getting a nice clipboard to hold the calendar sheets so I can write easily while moving or simply clamp it with a binder clip again. The possibilities are endless! So I searched Pinterest again and found these:

Photo grabbed from Clementine Creative.

You can download this watercolour-brushed calendar here.

Photo grabbed from Coco and Mingo.

Get this elegant calendar by clicking here. I think I'll use this as my on-the-go calendar. If the space isn't enough for my notes, I can just add some Post-Its :D 

I hope I can find a cute wooden clipboard!

Photo grabbed from Clean & Scentsible  :)


I think this calendar is great to give as a gift! Just download, print and wrap :)

Again, all these beautiful calendars aren't my own so I am posting the links below where I got them and where you can find them as well :) Maybe next year I'll try designing my own, too!

Have fun organizing your new year!

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